ICLS weclomes contributions in support of our global effort to reduce the misuse of the life sciences.  ICLS would like to thank the following public and private supporters for making its daily operations and project-related activities since 2005 possible:

  • The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation

  • The BioIndustry Initiative (US Department of State)

  • Environment Agency of Abu Dhabi

  • Fogarty International Center (FIC)

  • Foundation for Environmental Security and Sustainability

  • The Global Opportunities Fund (UK)

  • The Global Parternship Program (Canada)

  • Islamic Development Bank (IDB)

  • The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation

  • Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI)

  • The Robert and Ardis James Foundation

  • Vanguard Charitable Foundation

ICLS would like to acknowledge its partners for providing or leveraging resources to carryout joint meetings and initiatives.

  • Center for Modern Medical Technology (TEMPO)

  • The Environment Agency of Abu Dhabi

  • Higher Education Commission of Pakistan

  • International Federation of Biosafety Associations (IFBA)

  • Kingdom of Morocco’s Ministry of Education, Higher Education, Training and Scientific Research

  • Middle East Consortium for Infectious Disease Surveillance (MECIDS)

  • Moroccan Biosafety Association (MOBSA)

  • Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) Standing Committee on Scientific and Technological Corporation (COMSTECH)

  • Pakistan Academy of Sciences (PAS)

  • Pakistan Biological Safety Association (PBSA)

  • Royal Scientific Society (RSS) of Jordan

  • Royal Society (UK)

  • Search for Common Ground

Most of the experts that attend and contribute to ICLS meetings and initiatives do so on their own time or with the support of their home organization.  Several of these experts raise funds from within their own organizations to participate in our activities.  We thank you!  

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